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PREMIUM DARJEELING, EARL GREY, SUNNY BAY, SWEET CHERRY, MORINGA MANGO, CLUB GINGER make up the right tasting set to get you started. In this set for explorers, you will find a rough selection of the extensive Avoury tea range. From classic black teas to unusual herbal blends, this set covers almost every taste and makes it easy to get started with Avoury's wonderful range of teas.


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Contents of package:6 boxes with 8 capsules

Our DISCOVERY TEA Selection more in Detail

Our black teas taste incomparably good. That's why this set contains 2 black tea classics: PREMIUM DARJEELING and EARL GREY. The fine taste of our high-quality Earl Grey tea comes from the addition of real bergamot. This citrus fruit is a blend of sweet lime and tart bitter orange. PREMIUM DARJEELING is a high-quality second flush Darjeeling with a slightly nutty and nutmeg aroma. SUNNY BAY is a fine green tea with aromas of tropical passion fruit, fresh pineapple and sweet mango. This refreshing fruity note makes this blend very popular on hot days. SWEET CHERRY, a fruit tea with a sweet cherry flavour, is not only a favourite with the little ones, but also with the grown-ups. The unique taste takes you back to summer under the cherry tree in the garden. Let's continue with MORINGA MANGO. The name says it all: if you fancy an exotic wellness drink, you'll love this unusual herbal infusion. Finally, the CLUB GINGER will set the mood in terms of taste. This unusual tea creation is reminiscent of the famous Moscow Mule cocktail, so it can be drunk hot, cold and "on the rocks" with Prosecco or a shot of vodka.


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