Turn Tea Day into Tea Season.

On 21 May is INTERNATIONAL TEA DAY. Get our special deal and celebrate tea with us.¹

This is how we brew it. This is how we drink it.

We drink tea, we celebrate tea!

Drinking tea for us is a statement – no matter which time, which day, cold or hot, summer or winter – for us tea is more than just an ordinary hot drink. Tea season for us is always: Therefore, we celebrate tea all year long not only on one specific day. For us it’s just all about the tea – exciting, inspiring, proud. Like the people who drink it. We rediscover tea. Sometimes the best inspirations for new compositions only come to us after we’ve left work. An inspiration towards a new tea culture – our revolution of tea. For example, we came up with the idea of creating a tea interpretation of the popular Mojito cocktail while sitting in a bar – the Mint Stinger. The refreshing combination of three kinds of mint and lime puts every Mojito in the shade. Explore even more tea recipes and dip into our world of revolutionary tea cocktails. Start the Tea Revolution with us! Let us inspire you and celebrate tea with us!

Celebrate Tea Season with us!

You want to know how to celebrate with us and secure the special deal? It's easy: As soon as you have selected your machine and 6 tea boxes and placed them in the shopping cart, the total purchase price is reduced to 179 euros.

Avoury One Tea Machine Silver/White

1. Choose your Avoury One

Without tea machine, no tea party. Your Avoury One is available in 3 different colors to match your style: Copper/Cream, Silver/White or Pure Black: Which one is yours?

By the way, this is what your Avoury One does for you: The tea machine adjusts the temperature and brewing time precisely to the specific requirements of each variety. Its innovative brewing chamber gives the tea time to freely develop its flavours and delicate nuances. In 1 to 5 minutes, you have a perfect cup of tea. It’s that easy – at the push of a button.

More Info on Avoury One

2. Choose your tea

Which teas would you like to have for your start with Avoury?

Either you let us inspire you by our pre-defined carefully selected sets of tea or you make your own selections and choose your tea boxes from our Quick Shop.

Black Tea Set

  • Earl Grey
  • Dark Peach
  • London Breakfast
  • Mumbai Chai
  • Premium Darjeeling
  • Lady Rose

Fruit Infusion Set

  • Sweet Cherry
  • Blooming Raspberry
  • Creamy Strawberry
  • Just Apple
  • Fresh Elderflower
  • Merry Apple

Green Tea Set

  • Grand Granate
  • Ginger Lemon
  • Daily Mate
  • Sunny Bay
  • Mint Gunpowder
  • Pearls of Jasmine
Our Top Six Tea Types

It's a match! There's a perfect tea for every character, here are our top 6. Which one is your favorite?

Tea Finder

Still no idea which tea would be right for you? Or which one would improve your day right now? Our Tea Finder will help you find your perfect match. All you have to do is answer seven simple questions and we'll show you which Avoury tea is best suited to you, your taste and your lifestyle.

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Times are changing. So does tea.

Tea is probably the most diverse drink in the world. This is also demonstrated by our selection of 40 teas and infusions in premium quality, ranging from classics to extraordinary new creations. Thus, not only absolute tea connoisseurs, but also those who want to become one, will find what they are looking for at Avoury. Our teas convince with extraordinary blends and leave nothing to be desired. Curious now?

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