Tea time after 4 p.m.

Four sparkling cocktail ideas for New Year's Eve.

Mulled wine, egg liqueur, Champagne and sparkling wine – the choice of drinks on offer over the festive season is usually limited to typical classics and therefore somewhat lacking in variety. Time to break with tradition and open up to fresh taste experiences for the new year.

Whether for your Christmas menu or New Year's party, our four exceptional cocktail recipes based on tea and in keeping with the motto "Brewed, not stirred" are perfect for tea time around the clock, proving that tea is more than just a drink for cosy winter days.

# Royal Sour

Classic black tea is not only something you have with breakfast. Ice-cold and enhanced with lemon and ginger, it becomes a "Royal Sour" and a highlight for your Christmas or New Year’s dinner. This extraordinary tea creation is reminiscent of the classic Whiskey Sour cocktail, which was invented at the end of the 19th century and is considered to be one of the first modern cocktails. As simple as its ingredients may sound, its flavours are beautifully complex: the combination of whiskey, lemon juice, water and sugar turns the Whiskey Sour into a perfect blend of sour, sweet and umami. With our non-alcoholic alternative, the slightly malty black tea flavour comes to the forefront instead of whiskey, ensuring that necessary spicy note.

Ingredients (for 1 drink)



4g ginger

1/2 lemon


1. Prepare fresh LONDON BREAKFAST.

2. Thinly slice the fresh ginger and add to the hot tea.

3. Stir the STRONG MASCOBADO SUGAR into the tea and leave to chill in the fridge.

4. Squeeze half a lemon and stir the juice into the chilled tea.

5. Then add some ice cubes to the cocktail, decorate with lemon and enjoy.

# Cool Darling

Simple but delicious – only four ingredients are necessary for the "Cool Darling". The distinctive mint flavour complements the sweet notes of chocolate and vanilla, ensuring an overall concept that is sweet and refreshing at the same time. Typically, mint and chocolate is a combination that is enjoyed after dinner, but our cocktail creation is also perfect as an accompaniment to chocolaty desserts.

Ingredients (for 1 drink)



¼ tsp. vanilla essence

5 large mint leaves


1. Prepare a fresh cup of PURE CHOC.

2. Sweeten with a teaspoon of RAW CANE SUGAR and leave the tea to cool.

3. Enhance with vanilla and mint leaves before serving.

# Red Diva

Traditionally, connoisseurs serve a strong schnapps or sweet liqueur after a meal to round it off – like an Amaretto. The Italian liqueur based on almonds has a long history. According to legend, it originated in northern Italy as early as 1522. Half a millennium later, the time has come for a reinterpretation of this classic drink: instead of serving the almond liqueur pure or on ice, it is combined with hot cherry tea in the "Red Diva". The sweetish taste of the cherries and the slightly bitter note of the liqueur are a perfect match!

Ingredients (for 1 drink)


20ml Amaretto


1. Prepare fresh SWEET CHERRY.

2. Add a shot of Amaretto.

# Earl Fizz

The clock strikes twelve, the new year dawns and the sound of toasting champagne glasses fills the room – at least, that’s the tradition. This year we’re going to change everything and start the new year with a drink that is just as bubbly: the Earl Fizz. A Fizz is a refreshing, mostly alcoholic, sparkling cocktail that falls into its own drinks group because of its many variations. The Gin Fizz is the most well-known in the group. It started trending in the 20th century in New Orleans, from where it spread to the rest of the world. The Earl Fizz is the non-alcoholic, but equally sparkly version of the classic cocktail. The citrus note of the black tea, the lemonade and the decorative slice of lemon ensure that the sparkling character of the Fizz comes perfectly into its own.

Ingredients (for 1 drink)


180ml lemonade

1 lemon

Ice cubes


1. Prepare fresh EARL GREY.

2. Top up with lemonade and leave to chill.

3. Add ice cubes and a slice of lemon.