Summer Tea Recipe: Orange Tea Spritz

Our tea of the month: BITTER ORANGE

Tea so tangy different! The ideal tea drink for the summer.

Avoury is all about tea. So it's no wonder that we're particularly interested in some of drinking trends that are buzzing around. Our trend drink this summer is the Tocktail. Tocktails are cocktails based on the finest tea creations - just like Avoury has them. Instead of or in addition to mineral water or lemonade, our teas such as EARL GREY, HONEY ROOBOIS or even our fruit tea summer favorite BITTER ORANGE fill the highballs.

Cocktails with tea are ice cold, lukewarm or scalding hot - always a pleasure! Our BITTER ORANGE is therefore our monthly highlight. Its color alone simply makes you long for summer and calls for reinventing the classic aperitif drink, the Spritz. A different take on tea but "spritzig" anyhow! Instead of classic Aperol Spritz, we create our Orange Tea Spritz. By the way: more great tea recipes with Avoury, you can find here!

Orange Tea Spritz

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Preparation quantity: 1 Person


80 ml Avoury BITTER ORANGE
40 ml Gin
60 ml Wild Berry Lemonade
1 Rosemary sprig


01Prepare BITTER ORANGE freshly and let it cool down.
02Add the gin.
03Add the Wild Berry lemonade.
04Then garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Extra tip

Our Orange Tea Spritz can be prepared with or without alcohol. It tastes best on summer days if you let it cool down first and then serve it with ice cubes. Then, pour all the ingredients into a large Copa glass. Et voilà - your summer in a glass!

And who's the Bartender at your Tocktail party?

Avoury One Tea Machine Silver/White

Your Avoury One...who else?

The Avoury One is the bartender that gives tea the attention it deserves. With the help of the innovative and patented Avoury One tea machine, each tea is prepared to the point according to its needs. So you don't have to worry about the brewing time anymore. The correct preparation of tea is a complex, time-consuming matter that cannot simply be done on the side. The Avoury One automatically detects the type of tea and adjusts the brewing temperature and brewing time to meet the needs of the variety. It reads the coded capsules and thus knows how to prepare the tea they contain.

More on your Avoury One


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