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Dark Choc

Sweet to the bitter end. A sweetly malty dessert tea with bitter cacao beans that’s seductively redolent of chocolate.

Sweet, malty pu-erh, combined with tart cocoa beans and the irresistible aroma of good chocolate. It’s irresistible not only because of its taste, but also because of its valuable ingredients.

Aroma:earthy, sweet, harsh
Brewing time:3 minutes /95°

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Contents of package:1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 20g
Ingredients and allergens


Dark temptation

In the Chinese province of Yunnan there is a special tea plant that grows at an altitude of about 2,000 meters – the Qingmao. Its tea leaves are used to make a very special tea, namely pu-erh. Pu-erh has been produced in the highland region of the same name for more than 1,700 years, making it one of the oldest teas in the world. After the first processing steps, pu-erh is pressed into shape and dried. Then it is traditionally stored for at least 5 years and can be left there to mature for up to 70 years. The longer a pu-erh tea matures, the more intense and full-bodied its flavour becomes. Pu-erh is thus fermented in a different way from ordinary black tea. Black tea merely oxidises, but with pu-erh tea, micro-organisms that alter the composition of the tea leaves are activated. Tannins and bitter compounds are transformed into mild, slightly sweet flavours. Certain substances that support weight gain are allegedly even inhibited by the polyphenols contained in the pu-erh tea, but there is no scientific evidence of this yet. Laced with an intense taste of cocoa, DARK CHOC is definitely a sin-free temptation to which you can succumb with a clear conscience. After all, chocolate makes you happy – and our DARK CHOC won’t pile on the pounds either.


Flavouring:naturally flavoured
Time of day:midday
Origin:Blend (multiple countries of origin)
Association:chocolate, malt

Ingredients and allergens


Black tea* (40%), pu-erh tea – specially fermented tea (25%), cacao husks (18%) roasted, natural flavouring, carob, cacao bean (4%) roasted *Rainforest Alliance certified


no allergens