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Avoury tea machines on blue background cover
Avoury tea machines on blue background
Woman holding cup of tea in her hand.  cover
Woman holding cup of tea in her hand.
White tea machine on blue background. cover
White tea machine on blue background.
Silver/White Tea Machine cover
Silver/White Tea Machine


Our brand new favourite tea tastes just like paradise.

Mango meets tropical notes of passion fruit? Yes, we are so ready for fruity flavors when spring is just around the corner. Try it out now!

Avoury One tea machine in silver white with a cup of organic tea
Which one will be yours?

Our tea machines


Good tea needs love, dedication and a machine understands it. 


Our tea machine adjusts the temperature and brewing time precisely to the specific needs of each type. With its innovative infusion chamber, it gives the tea the time to fully develop its flavors and subtle nuances. After 1 to 5 minutes, the perfect cup of tea is ready. Easily at the push of a button.



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Avoury tea box and glas.

Fall in love with our tea selection of the season.

Explore our seasonal selection of teas that fit perfectly into the start of spring.

Brew time:
Brew time:
Brew time:

Our tea glasses

Hot on the inside, cold on the outside: our new tea glasses are the perfect gift you've been looking for.

The new way of prepairing tea.

Perfect tea at the push of a button.

We love making things easy. That’s why all you have to do is remove the foil from the capsule and place it in the capsule compartment. From here, it automatically slides into the specially developed brewing chamber.

Avoury One Tea Machine with a human hand pressing a button.

Sustainability at Avoury.

A capsule that is revolutionising plastic. 

We invest a great deal of effort into sustainability, quality assurance and recycling – do you want to know more? 



Keep calm and keep the kettle on? Not our style.

With our service we want the same as our tea machine does – to make you happy as soon as possible. 

¹Promotion Terms

¹Order an Avoury One tea machine of your choice online at or by phone (00800 7000 6000) until 30 April 2024 and receive our tea machine for a price of 99 euros. A registration in our online store at is a prerequisite for the purchase.

Spring Special: In addition, you will receive 3 tea boxes (Moringa Mango, Blooming Raspberry, The Camomile) for free with your tea machine order until  30 April 2024. Employees of Melitta Single Portions GmbH & Co. KG are excluded from this offer. The general terms and conditions of Melitta Single Portions GmbH & Co. KG apply.

² Minimum order value of 50€. Cannot be combined with other vouchers or promotions. Not redeemable.