About Avoury

I am Avoury.

A revolution instead of a tea ceremony. An explosion of flavour instead of a lukewarm infusion. Exceptional quality. Unusual blends. Perfection from a machine that can teach the professionals a thing or two. The last word in taste at the touch of a button. Everything else is just tea.

Song "Nothing ordinary" by Avoury (free download)

Rage against the Mainstream.

"A" like the first letter of the alphabet. "A" like the first letter of a new tea culture, in which it's all about the tea – exciting, inspiring, proud. Like the people who drink it.

Taste the revolution of tea.

A story worth telling ... over a cup of tea.

  • Quality is our cup of tea.

    We're serious about a pure, real tea taste. That's why we use first-class tea from sustainable farming. Sorted by hand. Arranged in perfect blends by professionals and portion packed in our facility in Germany. Without artificial flavourings and without polite restraint, but with the courage to reinvent tea and interpret it differently.

  • Perfectly brewed tea – simply at the touch of a button.

    We believe that tea is more than a lukewarm infusion. Every variety is unique – not only in taste, but also in character. In order for each tea to unfold its flavours to perfection, we have designed a system in which machine and capsule form a perfect symbiotic relationship: the tea machine automatically adapts to the specific requirements of the tea. No master of ceremonies. Nothing esoteric, no cliches.

  • About us – just between us.

    We're not only concerned with what our teas need, but more importantly, what it is that you need. We want to keep improving our service, which is why we look forward to getting to know you, the people who love tea as much as we do. Whether you want to talk to us about the best tea or a feature of our machine, whether online, by email or telephone – the Avoury Team would love to hear from you. Maybe over a cup of tea?

Our tea – Quality.

Growing regions

The key to top quality.

Growing regions

Quality begins with selecting growing regions.

We are interested in every single leaf of our premium tea and how it is cultivated. Many of our teas come from the large traditional plantations, such as those in the Chinese province of Yunnan, which gives our pu-erh tea its great qualities. A real insider tip is our BEYOND NEPAL, which grows in the mountains of the Himalayas at an impressive height of 2,400 metres, which means it comes from one of the highest plantations in the world. Did you know? Many teas are better quality the higher the altitude they are grown. Because the humidity and rainfall above 2,200 metres above sea level are perfect for cultivating tea. This climate causes tea leaves grow more slowly, resulting in the formation of a thinner leaf with particularly delicate flavours.

This one completes the dream team: our tea capsule

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Transparent capsule

With Avoury capsules you can not only taste what's inside, you can see it too: the hand-picked leaves, flowers and fruits of our premium teas.

What can we do for you?

We believe that every detail makes a difference. That is why we attach great importance to the highest quality – not only with our teas, but also with our service. From the Avoury TEAm to the Avoury subscription and beyond, we want to serve you a perfect tea experience at all times

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