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Jewel Candy Sugar

Diamonds are a tea’s best friend. Made of refined sugar, these crystals are a sweet addition that complement with unflavoured green teas, oolong and light white teas particularly well.

As they add no other taste except their own sweetness, the delicate flavours of the teas are not affected. These sugar crystals dissolve more slowly than ordinary sugar in your cup, which means you can get the sweetness level to exactly to your taste. When the tea has reached the perfect level of sweetness for you, simply spoon out the Jewel Candy Sugar and use it in your next cup of tea – or enjoy it as a lollipop. Made from sugar beets cultivated regionally. The beets are refined several times, after which they crystallize to white candy sugar. Net weight: 250g Nutritional information: 400kcal Ingredients: sugar (refined)


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