The flavour of a mini-break.

The TROPICAL tea of Avoury

The tropics - regions in which we long to be in order to flee the tedium of the everyday. These idyllic beauty spots are quite different to what surrounds us during our day-to-day lives. We probably all have a related mental image that includes brightly shimmering beaches, picturesque and stately coconut palms and an azure sea that becomes one with the sky at the distant horizon. 

What we have managed to do in the case of our THE TROPICAL tea is to distil the essence of all this so that it will fit in one tiny capsule. And thanks to our Avoury One tea machine®, just a few minutes are required to whisk you off to these foreign climes. A well-deserved outing for the senses. Both pleasurable and good for you.

Avoury THE TROPICAL tea box

The ultimate in blended teas

Days on which the sundown never seems to come, balmy weather, basking in the sunshine or lazing under a roof of palm leaves on the edge of an unending beach - just thinking about a setting such as this jets you off on an inner holiday. What about adding to this a refreshing drink and a cooling frozen dessert? It all makes you wish you were there now, experiencing the sensation of being relaxed and happy. What an inspiration for a cup of tea!

It was with all this in mind that we at Avoury® got down to creating our THE TROPICAL tea. Our aim was, in effect, to boil down the characteristic features of the ideal beach holiday against a tropical backdrop so that we could transfer this to a cup. Working on this basis, we carefully selected the ingredients that would go into our fruit tea, ensuring a harmonious compatibility of flavours.



This fruit tea represents what is possible when it comes to captivating, state-of-the-art tea creations, offering as it does a mini-break in every cup.

The Tropical is there to satisfy the extensive demand for fruit teas while, at the same time, it benefits from the growing popularisation of tropical flavours. The subtlety of its fruity and exotic aroma and taste and its clear colour when in the cup make it stand out among the wide range of Avoury® fruit teas.

tea cocktail drink with THE TROPICAL
Ingredients of THE TROPICAL

The ingredients of THE TROPICAL

Tropical fruits come together with natural flavourings and these combine to provide a fresh and fruity beverage. The ingredients of this fruit tea are all meticulously selected to provide for a harmonious compatibility of flavours.




Those in search of the exotic can’t go wrong with mango. This stone fruit with its roots in India may be native to the subtropical zones but is today very much in demand in Europe. The juicy-sweet mango has also now found a new home in our Avoury® TeaCycle Cap®.


   Passion fruit

The taste and aroma of passion fruit play an important role in the tea blend as the sweet-sour tang of passion fruit provides a pleasant and unobtrusive contrast with the pure, unadulterated sweetness of mango. This ingredient also helps to delicately emphasize the juicy-sweet character of mango. Tea connoisseurs will be readily able to distinguish the typical contribution to flavour made by passion fruit.



To add a touch of spice to our mini-break in a cup, we’ve included another plant that originates from the tropics - namely turmeric. Turmeric (sometimes called ‘yellow ginger’) not only gives our tea its wonderful colour but its aroma and flavour supply a restrained piquancy that reveals itself among the medley of sweet and sour on drinking. The accent is on finesse: the spicy notes are not allowed to overpower the dominant, sweet effect of mango.


This blended fruit tea with its tropical flair brings together the consummate sweetness of mango and the tastes and scents of passion fruit and turmeric. This is a tea that encourages you to sit back and take it easy. Just one sip sends you on a wonderful taste journey.

Perfect whether drunk hot or cold.

Anyone familiar with the tropics will know that the climatic conditions in the various regions can differ greatly from each other. There are, of course, warm tropical zones but also, at high elevations, cooler tropical zones; each zone has its own characteristic habitat that provides for a distinctive flora and fauna.


This contrast is reproduced in our THE TROPICAL. Irrespective of what the weather is doing out of doors, connoisseurs will drink it both hot and cold to be able to enjoy the quite different flavour nuances.


If you’d like to learn more about how this tropical fruit tea manages to achieve the balancing act of being a beverage that can be enjoyed both hot and cold, see our tea recipes tea recipes for further information and a wealth of good ideas. Anyone who appreciates fruits such as mango and lime as ingredients will find here suitable tea suggestions they can try out at home - but those who favour black tea will not miss out either.

THE TROPICAL tea in an Avoury tea glass
Avoury One tea machine silver/white

THE TROPICAL – for that time-out that everyone deserves

To make tea preparation that much easier, our specially developed tea capsules are placed directly in the machine. The process begins with the contents of each Avoury® TeaCycle Cap® being gently steeped in hot water.



A few minutes later, the hot beverage flows into the provided cup, ready for you to enjoy it. THE TROPICAL by Avoury® is thus the simplest way to take an individual mini-break that you could possibly wish for. And it is also caffeine-free, so can be drunk at any time of day.