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For us, tea is more than just a drink. For us, it is an attitude , a way of life, a world view. In our magazine, we regularly present new articles that express all this. You get to know interesting facts from the enriched world of tea, you get to know people who inspire with their lifestyles, or you just take part in topics that simply affect us. Join our world of tea!

Tea in the evening - a relaxing and enjoyable end to the day

After a stressful day, it is likely that you and many others will look forward to being able to unwind at home. And if you are someone who is absolutely devoted to tea, this usually also means curling up with a nice hot cup of tea as the night approaches. 

Milk in a macro shot
Tea with milk

Many like their tea ‘straight’. Others prefer to add a certain additional touch of flavour, and these people now have a wealth of options to choose from. There are many ingredients with which the taste of this hot drink can be enhanced, such as sugar, honey, cream and milk. Today we’ll be looking at why tea is combined with milk, what effects this has on flavour and which tea varieties are best for drinking with milk.

Tasty non-alcoholic cocktail drink
The Liquid (R)evolution

You won't be finding any alcohol on the drinks menus at the Getaway in Brooklyn, The Virgin Mary Bar in Dublin or the Zeroliq in Berlin. More and more of these 'sober bars' are opening their doors all over the world and serving non-alcoholic creations rather than conventional craft beers or fine wines. In short – the so-called Liquid Evolution is in full swing. The following article explains the motivation behind this trend.

Lila Nettsträter in her art gallery
Face of the day: Lila Nettsträter.

When Lila Nettsträter says the word ’art', she gives it a most unusual emphasis. It's immediately neticeable how softiy and affectionately she speaks the word - for her this is a passlon, not just a profession. The 31-year-old is mistress of both. As the founder of the online gallery Kunst100, she has made it her mission to bring art and people together. Whether in digital or analogue form, she opens the door to real art.

Morning tea – the perfect start to the day

A delicious way to wake yourself up.

The Avoury® TeaCycle Cap

Five unique features of Avoury® tea capsules.

At Avoury we’ve gone way beyond simply the concept of a tea machine: we’ve also created the Avoury TeaCycle Cap to complement your machine and your tea experience. 

Frau, die einen Früchtetee trinkt.
Gifts of tea at Christmas.

Avoury's Top five in brief.

The days are growing shorter, and temperatures are dropping; of course, this is no surprise as winter is just around the corner. For anyone who delights in drinking tea, Christmas season provides even more reasons to make yourself comfy with a freshly brewed cup of hot tea. 

hot glass of freshly brewed tea
It’s temperature that makes tea perfect.

The perfect temperature for each cup of tea.

We all think we know how to make a cup of tea. All you do is just boil the water, pour the boiling water on your tea and leave it to steep. However, what you end up with in many cases is too hot, too cold, too bland, too bitter - rarely do you get that perfect cup of tea.

Frau, die eine Tasse weißen Tee trinkt.
Tea – about variety and perfection.

5 questions for … Heike Lohbeck.

‘Product development that involves all the senses’ is a pretty good way to describe tea expert Heike Lohbeck’s job. She has combined, discovered and reinterpreted many different flavours to create the Avoury tea blends – so that we can enjoy extraordinary cups of tea.

man drinking tea.
Revolution instead of tea ceremony.

Japanese tea culture, between tradition and the modern.

Whether sencha, matcha or genmaicha - Japan is world-renowned for its green teas. So every sip is a voyage into a past full of traditions: Japan has cultivated teas for more than 1000 years. Initially the drink was loved for its outstanding flavour and for health reasons, above all by the nobility, the samurai.

A voyage of discovery in Assam and Darjeeling.

About emerald green landscapes, snow-covered mountains and unique tea.

After China, India is the second largest tea producer in the world. Especially the Assam and Darjeeling regions are known far beyond the country’s borders for their black tea. However, the two names signify not only popular tea varieties but also exciting histories, varied landscapes and caring people.

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