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For us, tea is more than just a drink. For us, it is an attitude , a way of life, a world view. In our magazine, we regularly present new articles that express all this. You get to know interesting facts from the enriched world of tea, you get to know people who inspire with their lifestyles, or you just take part in topics that simply affect us. Join our world of tea!

Lavender Plant

Tea and aromas and flavours

What tastes do tea leaves produce?


The enjoyment of a cup of good tea is a pleasure at any time of day. In this article, we describe how aromas and flavours characterise the teas we drink.

Two of our senses are in play here; our sense of taste and our sense of smell

THE TROPICAL tea beautifully arranged with tea glass and flowers


The flavour of a mini-break

The tropics - regions in which we long to be in order to flee the tedium of the everyday. These idyllic beauty spots are quite different to what surrounds us during our day-to-day lives.

hands harvesting tea

Sustainability in tea production.

Sustainability is our cup of tea.


Usually, the term “sustainability” is primarily associated with activities designed to protect the environment. In fact, not just avoidance of environmental damage is involved, but social and economic aspects too

tea leaves

Smooth and flavourful

The role of withered leaves in the production of tea.


From dried flowers, shrunk plants and beauty long past...

tea leaves sorting

About tea pearls and bead tea.

How tea-leaves are shaped.

We all come in different shapes and sizes – this is true not only of us humans, but also of tea. 

Oxidation process in tea harvesting

Mild, more aromatic and darker.

How the colour and flavour of a tea are created.

Oxidation - a term that will be unfamiliar to many and the understanding of which will be only vague for most. 

Portrait of Hanne Willmann

Face of the day: Hanne Willmann

Countless articles, an endless list of podcasts, a timeline packed with image after image...In our digital world, we are bombarded with new ideas from all quarters. You could say we live in an age of not just information overload, but inspiration overload. But all this stuff rarely makes much of an impression: of the roughly 11 million stimuli that our brains process every second, we are conscious of only about 40, either because they elicit an emotional response, or - thanks to an evolutionary hangover - because they represent a possible threat.

Women drinking tea

Should we always follow our nose?

23,000 times – that´s how many breaths we take on average per day. And that means a multitude off different scents float in through our nose evoking a wide variety of reactions in us. In this article we´ll explain the psychological reasons behind this and why we should let our noses discover new things more often.

Avoury One Copper Cream

Not less, but better.

Sharpening one's own awareness. Recognizing what one really needs. Giving things new appreciation. That's what minimalism is about. Following the motto 'less is more', more and more people are embracing the desire for clarity and order - even in the design of their homes. However, the true art lies not in owning as little as possible, but in keeping the right things and skillfully showcasing them. We explain how to make your own home without having to sacrifice exciting accents and a personal touch.

Julia White with a glass of water in her hands.

New ways of Interior Design.

Tea Time with …. Julia White.

Clear, geometric shapes, concrete and stainless steal features, white high-gloss fronts that perfectly blend in with the warmth of the oak parquet flooring; and a space flooded with natural light: this elegant kitchen in one of her customer’s home in Hannover looks so bright and spacious, it makes you not just want to start cooking, but to live in it. 

tea plantation in beautiful landscape

Right time, right taste.

5 facts about tea harvesting

The guiding principle for harvesting tea is: stick to the roots - in the true sense of the word. Tea leaves are picked by hand and with a great deal of skill and dexterity. This method not only retains the freshness, but also ensures a milder taste. With expert eyes, the workers only select the youngest shoots that are ripe for picking.


Home Office: Mastering the new normal

Three tips for working more effectively from home.

Until a year ago, the topic of working from home was still associated with a great deal of scepticism in many professional fields. Within a few months, however the proportion of employees working from home occasionally or exclusively has increased from 40% to 60%. 

Tea cultivation landscape

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

The truth about tea cultivation.

After water, tea is the most widely consumed drink in the world, with around 15,000 cups drunk worldwide every second. But not all tea is the same. It can vary considerably, not just between different varieties but also in how and where it is grown. We take a behind-the-scenes look at tea cultivation.

Franziska Hardenberg

Guest article by Franziska von Hardenberg

Breathe in, breathe out.

Sometimes the world changes so fast, you get the feeling you’re just not able to keep up. It helps then, to take things one step at a time and start acting. Who would’ve thought that the year 2020 would bring a surprise with a global pandemic, which would make it possible to think up new structures. How you ask? Entrepreneur Franziska von Hardenberg explains in this very personal guest article.

scent oil

The Scent of Memories.

Of smells and aromas, emotions and memories.

Fresh, intense and slightly earthy. The moment the first raindrops touch the ground in summer, the warm air gives off this unique, distinctive perfume: the petrichor. Petrichor is produced when water falls on parched earth and the microorganisms in the soil and the essential oils of plants react with this rainwater.

Sweeten up your teatime.

5 facts on sugar: a guide for the perfect sweetener for tea.

To the article
Ariel Schiff

Tea Time with...Ariel Schiff

With his unique boutique hotels, stylish trendsetting bars and innovative culinary concepts, Ariel Schiff is ahead of trends long before the rest of Germany catches on. The claim to fame of the Managing Director of the AMANO hotel group is that he creates lively places that wow. This creative visionary does not shy away from trickier construction projects either.

Glass with tea

Characters of colours

On a canvas, in our home and even in our tea cup - wherever we go, we are surrounded by colours. But that's not all: colours evoke memories and create associations, they influence our perceptions and our emotions - and they create expectations of a certain taste. A little insight into the world of colours.

Anahita Sadighi

Face of the day: Anahita Sadighi

“I see my galleries as vibrant places where people come together and experience art in completely new contexts”, said Anahita Sadighi. The young curator from Berlin is more than just an ambassador for creativity. 

Tea fields with trees

5 facts about tea

...that will amaze even tea connoisseurs.

Tea comes from China. Only the birth of a royal baby is celebrated as consistently by the British as the five o'clock tea. Nowhere else in Germany are the people as keen on diversity in their tea as in East Frisia...Heard everything before and don't feel like hearing the same old facts about tea?

matcha tea preparation

How tea conquered the world.

Of spring breezes, brainwaves and revolutions.

The story of tea Is shrouded in legend. Pioneers and explorers have been reinventing tea through innovation, trends and ideas for serving it for 5,000 years and have made it what it is today: one of the world´s most popular drinks.


tasty dish


Where it comes from and how it works.

“She likes it best as a pick-me-up in her morning tea - but also as a spicy note in coconut curry. The moment the aromatic, pleasantly sharp taste of ginger unfolds in her mouth, it conjures up images in her mind's eye of beautiful women in vivid saris, breathtaking temple complexes and colourful markets bustling with people. 

Bar in a restaurant

About the art of finding the perfect match.

The art of tea pairing.

From “Jikoni” in London to “Noma” in Copenhagen and “Momofuko” in New York, world-class restaurants are daring to join the: revolution: the word on everybody's lips and a sign of the times is tea pairing, Tea is pegged to replace wine as accompaniment to high-end culinary creations. 

tea leaves in a pot over fire

All fired up.

Key aspects in the tea drying process.

Home-made is best... or not? Do-it-yourself may have become a lot more popular in the last few months, but certain processes should rather be left for the experts. One example: tea drying. 

Chris Glass

The room whisperer.

Teatime with…Chris Glass.

The amazing room miracle in wild Wedding must be seen as a fusion of living gallery, concept store and event space all in one. “I think of myself as a curator”; says Chris Glass. “I curate spaces, communities and moments.” 

Tea in the evening - a relaxing and enjoyable end to the day

After a stressful day, it is likely that you and many others will look forward to being able to unwind at home. And if you are someone who is absolutely devoted to tea, this usually also means curling up with a nice hot cup of tea as the night approaches. 

modern bar

Face of the Day: Daniel Eichhorn.

A conversation about inspiration, innovation and interior design.

The basic idea behind SoLebIch is to bring interior design ideas together in one place. As Germany’s largest online lifestyle community, the platform inspires countless interior design enthusiasts. Not only can users post pictures of their own homes, but they can also get a glimpse into other people’s living rooms.

Tea leafs

Unleash your creativity.

Why good ideas are lurking out there just outside your comfort zone.

It is often claimed that it takes certain innate talents or a moment of inspiration to be creative – and this kind of preconception tends to be prevalent. In fact, however, what we perceive to be creativity is usually the result of just one thing: good honest hard work.

Avoury One

In harmony with nature.

Why biophilic design can make you happier and more creative.

Being in touch with nature increases well-being and enhances creativity. You can achieve this effect not only by means of a walk in the woods but also through the use of a specific interior design approach. The following article explains how this works and describes the other associated benefits.

Ariel Schiff

A complete sensory experience

More than 220 times a day - that's how often our thoughts tum to food. ¹This goes beyond conscious considerations like “What should we have for dinner? “. What we eat is primary influenced by unconscious decisions and thought processes. And whether we ultimately like what we eat is not only attributed to obvious factors such as our preferences or the taste of the food.

Glass with tea

Not all tea is the same.

A flavorful journey through the world of teas.

Not all tea is the same. This is true with regard to the different varieties and flavors, but is also the general mule. Because not everything that is commonly called tea is actually tea at all. In fact, a distinction must be made between “real” tea and tea-like brewed beverages or fruit and herbal infusions.

Avoury One

Good taste all round.

Ideas for a kitchen with a certain ʻje ne Sais quolʼ.

There's no doubt that white kitchens are truly classic, timeless and, above all, versatile. White not only goes with every other color, but also with a wide variety of interior design styles.

Haut-cuisine dish on a table

5 + 1 questions for...Sebastian Frank

Sebastian Frank spoke to Avoury about his decision to dispense with the use of luxury products, about matching alcohol-free drinks to dishes, and about traditional cooking – and celeriac.

Man in a black suite sitting in the right corner holding a glass of tea

Tea time after 4 p.m.

Mulled wine, egg liqueur, Champagne and sparkling wine — the choice of drinks on offer over the festive season is usually limited to typical classics and therefore somewhat lacking in variety. Time to break with tradition and open up to fresh taste experiences for the new year.


Romy Kowalewski sitting on a chair.

Face of the day: Romy Kowalewski

The businesswoman Romy Kowalewski has designed her label 27 87 to appeal to everyone who wants to break with convention and strike out on new paths. Her fragrances accompany their wearers, both female and male.

Milk in a macro shot

Tea with milk

Many like their tea ‘straight’. Others prefer to add a certain additional touch of flavour, and these people now have a wealth of options to choose from. There are many ingredients with which the taste of this hot drink can be enhanced, such as sugar, honey, cream and milk. Today we’ll be looking at why tea is combined with milk, what effects this has on flavour and which tea varieties are best for drinking with milk.

Tasty non-alcoholic cocktail drink

The Liquid (R)evolution

You won't be finding any alcohol on the drinks menus at the Getaway in Brooklyn, The Virgin Mary Bar in Dublin or the Zeroliq in Berlin. More and more of these 'sober bars' are opening their doors all over the world and serving non-alcoholic creations rather than conventional craft beers or fine wines. In short – the so-called Liquid Evolution is in full swing. The following article explains the motivation behind this trend.

Lila Nettsträter in her art gallery

Face of the day: Lila Nettsträter.

When Lila Nettsträter says the word ’art', she gives it a most unusual emphasis. It's immediately neticeable how softiy and affectionately she speaks the word - for her this is a passlon, not just a profession. The 31-year-old is mistress of both. As the founder of the online gallery Kunst100, she has made it her mission to bring art and people together. Whether in digital or analogue form, she opens the door to real art.

Morning tea – the perfect start to the day

A delicious way to wake yourself up.

The Avoury® TeaCycle Cap

Five unique features of Avoury® tea capsules.

At Avoury we’ve gone way beyond simply the concept of a tea machine: we’ve also created the Avoury TeaCycle Cap to complement your machine and your tea experience. 

Frau, die einen Früchtetee trinkt.

Gifts of tea at Christmas.

Avoury's Top five in brief.

The days are growing shorter, and temperatures are dropping; of course, this is no surprise as winter is just around the corner. For anyone who delights in drinking tea, Christmas season provides even more reasons to make yourself comfy with a freshly brewed cup of hot tea. 

hot glass of freshly brewed tea

It’s temperature that makes tea perfect.

The perfect temperature for each cup of tea.

We all think we know how to make a cup of tea. All you do is just boil the water, pour the boiling water on your tea and leave it to steep. However, what you end up with in many cases is too hot, too cold, too bland, too bitter - rarely do you get that perfect cup of tea.

Frau, die eine Tasse weißen Tee trinkt.

Tea – about variety and perfection.

5 questions for … Heike Lohbeck.

‘Product development that involves all the senses’ is a pretty good way to describe tea expert Heike Lohbeck’s job. She has combined, discovered and reinterpreted many different flavours to create the Avoury tea blends – so that we can enjoy extraordinary cups of tea.

man drinking tea.

Revolution instead of tea ceremony.

Japanese tea culture, between tradition and the modern.

Whether sencha, matcha or genmaicha - Japan is world-renowned for its green teas. So every sip is a voyage into a past full of traditions: Japan has cultivated teas for more than 1000 years. Initially the drink was loved for its outstanding flavour and for health reasons, above all by the nobility, the samurai.


A voyage of discovery in Assam and Darjeeling.

About emerald green landscapes, snow-covered mountains and unique tea.

After China, India is the second largest tea producer in the world. Especially the Assam and Darjeeling regions are known far beyond the country’s borders for their black tea. However, the two names signify not only popular tea varieties but also exciting histories, varied landscapes and caring people.

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