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You want to give a gift to a tea drinker and are looking for beautiful gift inspiration? Here at Avoury you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. Avoury stands for high-quality tea and revolutionary tea preparation with the Avoury One tea maker. It brews tea simply at the touch of a button and can be conveniently operated via the accompanying app.

Whether the person you want to give a gift to already owns an Avoury One tea maker or not, you can choose between complete sets with the most popular Avoury tea varieties or you can opt for elegant tea accessories. With a gift voucher you do everything right, anyway. All gifts can right away be ordered here.

Avoury One Tea Machine Silver/White

Avoury One tea machine

The tea machine adjusts the temperature and brewing time precisely to the specific needs of each variety. With its innovative brewing chamber, it gives the tea the time to freely develop its aromas and subtle nuances. After 1 to 5 minutes, the perfect cup of tea is ready. Simply at the touch of a button.

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Can't decide which tea to buy? Our carefully selected tea selection simply takes you on a journey of discovery.

PREMIUM DARJEELING, EARL GREY, SUNNY BAY, SWEET CHERRY, MORINGA MANGO, CLUB GINGER make up the right tasting set to get you started. In this set for explorers, you will find a rough selection of the extensive Avoury tea range. From classic black teas to unusual herbal blends, this set covers almost every taste and makes it easy to get started with Avoury's wonderful range of teas.


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Contents of package:6 boxes with 8 capsules

Why giving Avoury tea as a gift is a good idea

Our teas are from controlled sustainable cultivation and convince through refined blends and unique taste.


Tea gift for shape lovers: Avoury Tableware Sets

A perfect tea deserves a stylish setting. Avoury lives up to this maxim with its tableware. The tea cups made of fine porcelain are designed with great attention to detail by the renowned design studio "Metz & Kindler". The special shape ensures that the tea aroma can unfold in the best possible way. The tea cups are manufactured in the traditional porcelain factory in Reichenbach.

It is known for its very fine porcelain. You can choose between glossy white and matt black for the teacups. In addition to the teacup, the tableware sets also include a colour-coordinated tea saucer and a teaspoon. The spoons are also available separately.

Give the perfect sugar with your tea

If you like your tea a little sweet, you'll love our sugar. There is something for every type of tea and every preference. The Jewel Candy sugar harmonises particularly well with unflavoured teas. The crystals of refined sugar only contribute their pure sweetness without any flavour of their own, so that the fine flavours of green teas, oolong and white teas are not masked.

Flavoured green teas as well as fruit and herbal infusions harmonise perfectly with the light raw cane sugar with its slightly caramel taste. The Strong Mascobado sugar is the most intense in our range and, with its malty caramel flavour, goes best with strong black teas as well as fruit and herbal infusions with strong flavours.

Flexible gift giving with the gift voucher

You just can't decide? Or you're not sure what will go down best? Then one of our gift vouchers will help you. With amounts of 15, 25, 50 or 100 euros, they are perfect as a small or large gift. The vouchers can be used flexibly for all products in the Avoury Shop. Partial amounts can also be redeemed.

Simply click together your individual gift voucher with your desired amount and Design and order it by post or - if you need it quickly - simply by e-mail.

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Pre-selected tea sets with our most popular teas

Black Tea Set

Black Tea Set

Taste with Character.

Classic black tea is still part of the daily routine for many tea drinkers. This set brings together the six most popular Avoury varieties with very different characters. A gift for tea traditionalists.

Ultimate tea gift: the Avoury One

With the Avoury One tea maker, you can fulfil many wishes at once.

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