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Premium Darjeeling tea in cup
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Premium Darjeeling

Sophisticated down to the last leaf.
This second flush Darjeeling demonstrates what a class act it is with a full, slightly nutty muscatel aroma. And with a colour that ranges between copper and maroon, this organic tea is also visually a pleasure.



lovely, nutty, fresh, muscatel

Brew time:

3 Min / 95 °C
1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 17.6g

EUR 4.99

incl. VAT

€283.52 per 1kg

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Second flush is first choice

Our PREMIUM DARJEELING is grown at the foot of the majestic slopes of the Himalayas in the Darjeeling region. This is a magical environment, because here Lord Indra, king of the highest heaven, blessed the place “ling” with his lightning bolt “dorje” – “Dorjeling”. Darjeeling of today is considered one of the most famous tea growing areas in the world.

Here, this exquisite tea is categorised as “first flush” and “second flush”. “First” and “second” do not refer to the quality, but rather to the difference in the character of the tea. Second flush Darjeeling is harvested in the summer months of June to July, in contrast to the lightly floral tea that is harvested in spring. It is only then that the aroma of the tea leaves with their silvery or golden leaf tips have fully unfolded and are ready for further processing.


OriginBlend (multiple countries of origin)
Time of daymorning, midday
Associationnut, honey


IngredientsBlack Tea*/**

*from organic agriculture. Certified organic: DE-ÖKO-007
** Fairtrade certified, Tea with volume equalization: Total share: 100 %. More info:

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