Strong Assam  | Avoury. The Tea.
Strong Assam  | Avoury. The Tea.
Strong Assam  | Avoury. The Tea.
Strong Assam  | Avoury. The Tea.
Strong Assam  | Avoury. The Tea.
Strong Assam  | Avoury. The Tea.
Strong Assam  | Avoury. The Tea.
Single Origin

Strong Assam

Gets you stirred up. Invigorating assam with a spicy maltiness and plenty of caffeine. Perfect with milk.
A decidedly malty black tea with a lightly creamy feel. Perfect as a wake-me-up in the morning, or when you need a bit of a boost. A dash of full-cream milk makes this “Black Beauty” inimitably smooth.



fruity, spicy

Brew time:

1 Min / 95 °C
1 box with 8 capsules

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€163.93 per 1kg

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Close up black tea Strong Assam
Born to be wild.
Of course, the strongest tea in our entire range would never rise to its purpose if it were grown in a small tea plantation. The stately Assam Plateau in north-east India towers over both sides of the abundant waters of the Brahmaputra River. This is the largest contiguous tea cultivation area in the world.

The intensity of STRONG ASSAM is also determined by its leaf grading: the sifted organic tea has a fannings grade. Fannings refer to the small particles of the leaf (without stems and ribs). Due to the larger surface area of the tea leaf, the flavour is extracted very quickly and the tea thus only needs a very short brewing time of one minute.

In Arab and North African regions, this tea is enjoyed with a lot of sugar, while the British prefer it with milk. However you choose to drink yours, you simply cannot pass by a STRONG ASSAM.
Time of daymidday
Ingredients and Allergens
IngredientsOrganic black tea*/**

*from organic agriculture. Certified organic: DE-ÖKO-007
** Fairtrade certified
Allergensallergen-free according to the recipe
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