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Original Genmaicha  | Avoury. The Tea.
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Original Genmaicha tea in cup
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Single Origin

Original Genmaicha

Rices above the rest. Roasted rice lends this gently steamed genmaicha its uniquely nutty, roasted aroma.
Our bancha green tea has fewer bitter compounds than sencha. The mild aroma ensures that the versatile nuances of the roasted rice are fully appreciated.




Brew time:

2 Min / 80 °C
1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 20g

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€294.50 per 1kg

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An accidental blend.

The name “Genmaicha” comes from the Japanese “Genmai” for rice and “Cha” for tea. According to legend, the extraordinary blend of this “rice tea” was created by the servant of a samurai. He had accidentally added rice grains while roasting the green tea, which then popped. Unfortunately, the servant never learned that his blend would become a popular tea, because the samurai was so upset about the waste of the precious green tea that he had the servant beheaded on the spot. It was only later when he tasted the supposedly failed tea that he was discovered how good it was.

Genmaicha was formerly known as the poor man’s tea and as something to keep the hunger at bay between meals. Grains of rice was added to a strong green tea to make it go further. Today, Genmaicha has established itself as a popular cult tea that everyone should definitely try.


Time of daymorning, midday

Ingredients and Allergens

IngredientsGreen tea*, roasted rice*

*from organic agriculture. Certified organic: DE-ÖKO-007

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