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Milky Favourite tea in cup
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Milky Favourite

The crème de la crème. Lightly rolled, aromatic oolong with an intensely creamy milk fragrance.
As if the charismatic flavour of this premium oolong were not captivating enough, this tea is topped with an irresistible creamy touch – lactose-free, of course.



lovely, mild, creamy

Brew time:

3 Min / 95 °C
1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 22.4g

EUR 5.89

incl. VAT

€262.95 per 1kg

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Milky Favourite Details

Smooth, very smooth

Oolong is a semi-fermented tea and therefore a blend of green and black tea. The unique feature of this tea is thus also the unusual shape of its leaves: while the edges are already dried and black, the insides of the leaves are still green and smooth. The degree of oxidation plays a major role in tea, and in oolong this is definitive – a low-fermented oolong has particularly floral notes, whereas higher fermentation gives the tea more depth.

Traditionally, Milky oolong was also regularly sprayed with milk during fermentation, giving it its inimitably creamy flavour. Today it is still known for its very sweet, milky character. But in order for lactose-intolerant people to enjoy this speciality, our MILKY FAVOURITE has been refined with lactose-free flavour – naturally natural.


Aromatisationnaturally flavoured
OriginBlend (multiple countries of origin)
Time of daymorning, midday


IngredientsOolong tea*, natural flavouring

*Fairtrade certified, Tea with volume equalization: Total share: 95 %. More info:
Allergensallergen-free ingredients

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