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Take care of your Avoury One - All you need to know

To become and remain a perfect team with your Avoury One, we have a couple of starter’s tips for you as we want you to have a great start into your whole new world of tea experience. Either you can learn it here or easily check it out in our FAQs. In our First Use video below you can watch the first steps that helps you move with your Avoury One. For any further and more detailed information on your machine, you will also find the user manual at the bottom of this page. Let’s brew this!

First steps

First steps

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Explanation of your Avoury One touch panel

In order to handle your Avoury One even faster, we explain the main buttons at a glance. Get yourself an overview also in our explanatory videos further below.

How to use your Avoury One touch panel

You are one push away from your perfect tea experience! To switch on your tea machine, press the Start-Button. Once the teamaker is ready, the Start-Button will be illuminated constantly, and you can insert an Avoury tea capsule. Remove the lid foil from the capsule first before you put it in the capsule compartment. Did you know that our capsule is transparent so that you not only taste but also see what is inside: the hand-picked leaves, flowers and fruits of our premium tea. By the way after 10 minutes your tea maker automatically switches into standby mode. If you want to have that earlier press and hold the Start-Button for approx. 3 seconds.

Start-Button – Push to enjoy

Everything your tea machine needs

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Your TEA served with an update

Softwareupdate in a nutshell


Update with TEA?


Your tea maker does not require a great deal of maintenance work but a software update to have your tea served with great new features doesn’t do any harm to your next cup of tea, right? For the perfect tea enjoyment your machine should be always up to date. The app informs you on available updates and quickly and easily guides you through the process.

Avoury One Troubleshooting Video
First Use Video: Please note that this video refers to machine version from firmware .58. The setting of the water hardness on your machine might be different.

Avoury One at a glance

First and Daily Use, short and simple

How to prepare my tea? How to set the water hardness? What do the LEDs mean? What about descaling and cleaning?

You will get all the answers to these questions and many solutions to unexpected situations in our operating instructions or in our Quickguide.


For download:

Avoury One Tea Machine: Operating Instruction  starting from firmware version .58

Avoury One Tea Machine: Operating Instruction  starting from firmware version .59

Avoury One Tea Machine: Operating Instruction below firmware version .59

Please note 

You find out the firmware version of your Avoury One tea machine via the app. After registration you can find it down in the tab bar under “Machines” and then “firmware version”. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us in person under following phone number: 00800 7000 6000 or simply write an e-mail: For information on further services, visit our Service page.

that lasts and for the longevity of your Avoury One, you should clean and descale your machine regularly. The app tells you when it's time and guides you through the process step by step. A detailed overview is also provided by our tutorial videos on cleaning and descaling your tea machine.

Take care of your Avoury One

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