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Recycling Bag

Drink Tea. Recycle. Repeat.
We want to be a role model for the sustainable, responsible use of plastic. The Avoury® TeaCycle Cap® is made from recycled plastic and is easy to dispose of in the yellow bin or our recycling bag. In this way, Avoury helps to ensure that plastic that has already been recycled can be used again as part of a circular economy.
Avoury Recycling Bag

The Avoury recycling concept is that simple:

01. Fill this bag with tea capsules up to a maximum of the dotted line. The tea does not need to be removed.

It is not necessary to clean the capsules. We take care of that. Please only collect Avoury capsules in the recycling bag. For our recycling to work, there must be no other materials in the bag.

02. To close the bag, remove the film from the adhesive strip and seal it securely. Then stick the DHL returns label on the marked area.

03. Hand over the recycling bag to DHL - at the counter, at a DHL packing station or directly to the DHL courier (more information at



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