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Fresh Elderflower

Lets the aroma blossom. Delicately sweet elderflower with a zesty burst of lemon peel.

Chilled and added to Prosecco, the light, fruity combination of sun-ripened marigold with elderflower and blackberry leaves is the ultimate summer drink.

Aroma:floral, fruity, sweet
Brewing time:5 minutes /95°

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Contents of package:1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 32g
Ingredients and allergens


Caffeine free

Like a summer breeze.

Black elderberry is not only a popular garden plant, it also grows wild in shrubberies and forests. Reaching heights of up to 11 meters, this shrub flowers from May to July. The big white flower clusters are typical harbingers of summer. From September, small red to black fruits are then formed. In recent years, elderflower has gained popularity in particular thanks to a cocktail called “Hugo”, which consists of sparkling wine, mint and elderflower cordial. In FRESH ELDERFLOWER, the intensely fruity aroma of the flowers is combined with the delicate, sweet sourness of lemon peel to make an incomparable drink.


Flavouring:naturally flavoured
Time of day:everytime
Origin:Blend (multiple countries of origin)
Association:citrus, elderflower

Ingredients and allergens


Apple pieces (76% Rainforest Alliance certified), roasted chicory root, sweet blackberry leaves, elderflower blossoms (5%), lemon peel, acidifying agent: citric acid, elderflower aroma, lemon flavouring, calendula blossoms (1%)


no allergens