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Roots of India

Rooting for you. Mildly hot ginger and turmeric shot through with fresh lemongrass.

With their unusual flavours, this combination of the two best-known roots of India is reminiscent of all the facets of their country of origin.

Aroma:fresh, earthy, harsh
Brewing time:5 minutes /95°

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Contents of package:1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 20g
Ingredients and allergens

Certified organic


Caffeine free

These roots keep you grounded.

Ginger has been one of the most popular medicinal and aromatic plants in the world for over 4000 years. Its exact origin is not known, but it is believed that it arrived in the East Asian region from Indonesia via sea trade routes around 2000 BC. Over the centuries, however, a growing array of new spices from North and South America were imported to Europe, with the result that ginger faded into oblivion for a while. It is thanks to the prevalence of Asian restaurants that ginger made its comeback in the West some years ago. Turmeric is also an integral part of Indian cuisine. Not only is it one of the components of curry spice blends, it is also used in the traditional healing art of Ayurveda. ROOTS OF INDIA combines these two roots of Indian cuisine. With the freshness of lemongrass added into the mix, it creates a combination of flavours that tastes like a delicious journey to faraway India.


Flavouring:naturally flavoured
Time of day:everytime
Origin:Blend (multiple countries of origin)
Association:herbals, ginger

Ingredients and allergens


Ginger* (42%), lemongrass* (30%), lemon peel*, anise*, lemon myrtle*, turmeric* (5%), lemon oil*, galangal*, orange oil* *from organic agriculture. Certified organic: DE-ÖKO-007


no allergens