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The Camomile

Nurtures by nature. Floral notes of camomile and elderflower balanced with the sweetness of honey.

The reinterpretation of this herbal infusion is not just for those with sniffles – its unique taste is a veritable experience that will take even the connoisseur by surprise.

Aroma:energising, fresh, sweet
Brewing time:5 minutes /95°

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Contents of package:1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 20g
Ingredients and allergens


Caffeine free

Anything but boring.

Camomile tea has long been an integral part of many peoples and cultures. The Greeks prescribed camomile infusions as medicine, while the Germanic peoples were convinced that camomile blossoms can ward off misfortune and disease and therefore considered camomile as one of their nine sacred herbs. Camomile tea is still a popular classic among teas and even Mick Jagger swears by it. These days, you will be hard pressed to find an international bar that does not serve it – as “The Camomile Sour”, a camomile-based whiskey sour, it is a popular choice with party-goers and proves that camomile tea is anything but boring. Ours is certainly not … that’s why it’s called THE CAMOMILE.


Flavouring:naturally flavoured
Time of day:everytime
Origin:Blend (multiple countries of origin)
Association:elderflower, honey, chamomile

Ingredients and allergens


Camomile* (60%), lemon verbena leaves, lemon balm, blackberry leaves, natural flavourings, calendula blossoms (1%) *Rainforest Alliance certified


no allergens


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