Triple Mint tea in cup
Triple Mint  | Avoury. The Tea.
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Triple Mint  | Avoury. The Tea.
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Triple Mint tea in cup
Triple Mint  | Avoury. The Tea.

Triple Mint

All or nothing. A harmonious blend of pungent peppermint, fruity apple mint and sweet spearmint.
This classic among herbal infusions is the ultimate combination of the aromas of three mint varieties. This one is for all those who are serious about their mint!



fresh, sweet

Brew time:

5 Min / 95 °C
1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 13.6g

EUR 4.59

incl. VAT

€337.50 per 1kg

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It does not get more minty than this.

Tea lovers across the world love peppermint tea – from East Asia, where it is thought mint originated, to Morocco, where mint tea is considered a national drink and a symbol of hospitality. Peppermint tea has long since become standard in Europe and is enjoyed in the street cafés of Amsterdam, London and other major cities with great gusto.

The history of peppermint tea actually goes as far back as ancient Egypt, during which time medicine men were already taking an interest in the intense, peppery-fresh smell of mint leaves. The leaves were gently pressed, boiled with hot water and served as medicine.


OriginBlend (multiple countries of origin)
Time of dayeverytime

Ingredients and Allergens

IngredientsSpearmint*, peppermint*, apple mint*

*from organic agriculture. Certified organic: DE-ÖKO-007

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