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Tableware Set white

This is how perfect tea should be served. Consisting of a cup, saucer and spoon, this set is the ultimate way to showcase exceptional taste in tea.

The teacup is hand-crafted from the finest porcelain, its design enhancing the development of exquisite flavours inside the cup. The glossy white surface exudes a subtle elegance, with the chrome-coloured teaspoon and saucer creating an authentic contrast to the porcelain. The cup has a filling capacity of about 210ml. The colour scheme, soft shapes and characteristic wave relief of our tableware reflect the design of the tea machine. This tableware turns enjoying tea into an experience for all the senses. Getting to the heart of tea and design Our tableware was designed by the renowned design firm “Metz & Kindler” and created in cooperation with porcelain manufacturer Reichenbach. Since most of the production is still based on manual work today, it is possible to pay attention to perfection down to the last detail. The saucers are a design object in themselves but can also be used to serve small snacks.


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