Our Tea of the Month: JAPANESE TRIO

Green, Greener ... this is how the JAPANESE TRIO becomes an ice-cold tea pleasure.

What could be more natural than transforming our delicious JAPANESE TRIO into a refreshing morning tea drink, a flavourful cold brew with matcha and oat milk? Turn your JAPANESE TRIO into a delicious, caffeinated and cold alternative to your morning coffee with just a few ingredients and little tweaks. Why JAPANESE TRIO is so special to us, is probably because it combines the traditions of Japanese green tea culture in just one tea with its combination of matcha, sencha and the aroma of yuzu fruit, and when served cold it gives you that extra fresh kick to start the day.

Matcha and Sencha are among the oldest teas in Japan. Matcha powder contains more amino acids such as theanine and tannin than other teas. Japanese monks use the effect of these substances to relax during meditation and increase concentration at the same time. Sencha also has a high content of amino acids. The yuzu fruit adds a fresh fruity note to the tart character of both green teas. If you would like to learn more about green tea and its cultivation in Japan, then take a look at our magazine. Otherwise, you can find inspiration for a great summer tea recipe here.


Preparation time: 10 minutes

Preparation quantity: 1 Person


60 ml Avoury JAPANESE TRIO
90 ml milk
1.5 g matcha powder
Ice cubes


01Freshly Prepare your JAPANESE TRIO with the Avoury One.
02Mix the matcha powder with 60 ml of the tea and leave it to cool down.
03Fill a glass with ice cubes to pre-chill it.
04Pour the matcha mixture into the glass.
05Fill the glass with frothy, cold milk and dust the milk foam with matcha powder - done!

Extra tip

Thanks to the Avoury One, the freshly brewed tea has the perfect temperature, so that no bitter substances dissolve in the matcha powder and you can still enjoy it wonderfully, even when it has already cooled down. By the way, we use oat milk for the recipe to support the nutty and vegetal nuances of the tea.

Matcha: What is it actually?

Matcha is the main ingredient in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies and means something like "ground tea". Monks of Zen Buddhism brought the tea from China to Japan hundreds of years ago. The finely ground powder and the spirituality of the preparation had a profound influence on Japanese tea culture. The cultivation of the green tea from which matcha is made is just as rite-wrapped as the way it is drunk. It can take several weeks for the leaves of the green tea to turn into the characteristic green powder: About four weeks before harvesting, the tea plants are shaded with bamboo mats, then the tea leaves are steamed, dried and ground into fine powder.

Your master of tea ceremonies: Avoury One

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Avoury One Tea Machine Silver/White

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