Nifty recipe ideas for a perfect tea cocktail.

From Teatime to Happy Hour.

Whether at a dinner party with friends or on a summer night relaxing at the balcony: Our refreshing tea cocktails just enhance your personal moments of joy. The combination of unique teas with fresh juices and refined herbs are deeply convincing with perfectly balanced flavors and are being prepared so easily at once that we cannot do more than invite you to a spontaneous try.

New recipe: Cool Paradise

Takes you to the beach.


This cocktail sends your taste buds on a tropical journey with notes of mango, passion fruit and coconut. Can you feel the sea breeze yet?

Wild Thing

Let's get lost.

A little adventure can also be experienced on our comfy winter couch. Like with this drink made of wild berries and spicy basil.

Tropical Ginger

Go with the flow.

The best prescription against wanderlust: The combination of mango, lime and fresh ginger makes you dream of far away South Sea islands

Mint Stinger

Triple the mint. Triple the fun.

The refreshing combination of three kinds of mint and lime puts every Mojito in the shade.

Dreamy Melon

Sweet dreams, honey.

The gentle union of lavender, lemon balm and fruity honeydew melon is a true dream for mild summer nights.

Peach Maker

Summer just got peachy.

Fruity peach meets mango and ice cream. Are you ready for the perfect refreshment when it gets hot outside?

Royal Sour

No reason to be sour.

The classic Black Tea, refined with lemon and ginger – not just for breakfast. This Brit always has tea o'clock.

Vanilla Heaven

Fly high to the sky.


The soft, sweet taste of vanilla perfectly complements the fruity, fresh taste of mango and lime.

Cool Darling

Don't call it sweet.

The sweet notes of chocolate and vanilla are carried by the distinctive aroma of mint.

Red Diva

Came to impress.

You can´t refuse this drink, because the combination of cherry and almond liquer is just simply irresistible.

Winter Wish

Baby, it's cold outside.

Finally we can enjoy the best of winter again - like the winter drink made of apple and caramel.

Juicy Flower

Fresh like a summer breeze.

The combination of intense elderberry, fruity apple and lemon makes the JUICY FLOWER the ultimate summer drink.

Earl Fizz

Little summer revival.

Have you already forgotten what summer tastes like? This tangy refreshment is like short trip into the sun.

Milky Master

Let´s do it the milky way.

Those of us like smooth combination of Oolong and milk will fell in love with this creamy seduction.

Mumbai Vanilla

Spice up your life.


A short trip to Bollywood through the perfect blend of Indian spices and sweet vanilla.