Tropical Ginger

Go with the flow.



The best prescription against wanderlust: The combination of mango, lime and fresh ginger makes you dream of far away South Sea islands.

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Tropical Ginger

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Preparation quantity: 1 person


180 ml Avoury GINGER LEMON


5 g ginger

20 ml mango juice

1/2 lime

1 stem lemongrass


01Prepare fresh GINGER LEMON.

02Cut the ginger into thin slices and add to the hot tea.

03Add a teaspoon of RAW CANE SUGAR and let t cool.

04Season to taste with mango juice and a dash of lime juice.

Extra tip

A lightly crushed stem of lemongrass gives your Tropical Ginger a stylish finish.

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