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Pure Choc tea in glas
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Pure Choc

All the pleasure, none of the guilt. The intense chocolate flavour of cacao beans enriched with caramel and a hint of roasted almonds.
Combined with the slightly popcorny-nutty flavour of Genmaicha, this tea is an irresistible treat throughout the day.



nutty, sweet

Brew time:

5 Min / 95 °C
1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 30.4g

EUR 4.99

incl. VAT

€164.14 per 1kg

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Pure Choc Details

Meet your guilty pleasure.

With almost no calories, PURE CHOC makes chocolate a real pleasure.

The Maya and Aztec peoples loved the delicate taste of cocoa and brewed a bitter, spicy drink from the beans. But the cocoa drink as we know it only came about in Europe when sugar was added to it.

From hot chocolate to cake and bars of chocolate – just about everyone in the West knows and loves chocolate. That makes PURE CHOC the perfect match, and not just for singles.


Aromatisationnaturally flavoured
OriginBlend (multiple countries of origin)
Time of daymidday
Associationchocolate, nut, caramel

Ingredients and Allergens

IngredientsApple*, cacao shell (27.75%), cacao bean (20%), Genmaicha Matcha (roasted rice, green tea, green tea matcha), cacao powder (5%), natural flavours, shredded coconut.

*Rainforest Alliance certified

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