Legend of Pai Mu Tan tea in cup
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Legend of Pai Mu Tan  | Avoury. The Tea.
Legend of Pai Mu Tan loose tea
Legend of Pai Mu Tan tea in cup
Legend of Pai Mu Tan Packaging front
Single Origin

Legend of Pai Mu Tan

A legend in its own tea time. Traditional bai mudan with velvety, floral notes.
With its mild aroma, this unfermented white tea is reminiscent of the legendary tea culture from the Far East. One of the oldest teas in existence, it is now considered a classic in its category all over the world.



floral, mild, fresh

Brew time:

2 Min / 85 °C
1 box with 8 capsules, net weight: 17.6 g

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Legendary taste.

Traditionally grown in Fujian, China, Pai Mu Tan was once one of the famous imperial tribute teas in China. And that may well be why it is one of the finest and most expensive teas in the world today.

The delicate Pai Mu Tan leaves of are picked by hand, withered and then dried. The usual rolling process, or shaping of the leaves, is thereby eliminated entirely. The tea gets its popular floral aroma with sweet notes from the medium oxidation of the tea leaves.

When infused, its tea leaves are reminiscent of a peony blossom, from which Pai Mu Tan gets its name: “white peony”.


Time of daymorning, midday


IngredientsWhite Tea*

*from organic agriculture. Certified organic: DE-ÖKO-007
Allergensallergen-free ingredients

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