The Avoury® TeaCycle Cap

Five unique features of Avoury® tea capsules.

We love tea. Avoury is synonymous with tea products of the highest quality. Using our Avoury One tea machine®, it’s just so easy to make the perfect cup of tea every time. But at Avoury we’ve gone way beyond simply the concept of this machine: we’ve also created the Avoury TeaCycle Cap to complement the machine. The capsules filled with the top quality teas available from our shop not only round off what the machine can do but also provide for a taste experience that in this form is second to none. In a plant in Germany, carefully portioned amounts of loose teas of all varieties are transferred to the capsules, which are then ready for use. We combine form with function and the result is what we consider a rather remarkable product.

Our Avoury TeaCycle Cap – Intelligent. Sustainable. Revolutionary.


The perfect cup of tea will not make itself. So we have invested much time, effort and creativity in producing a tea capsule that meets our own stringent standards. Consequently, you will not be surprised to learn that there is much more behind the modest appearance of our Avoury TeaCycle Caps than meets the eye. In the following, we’ll reveal five exceptional features and strengths of our Avoury tea capsules.





avoury tea cacyle cap fille with jasmine tea pearls

1. Compact design but big on quality in a small format.

You will find that our capsules fit comfortably in your hand - and not without good reason. When it came to the size of our Avoury TeaCycle Caps, we thought it essential that they should be easy to handle - not too big but at the same time not so small that the insertion of capsules in the tea machine becomes a fiddly procedure. Each Avoury TeaCycle Cap is just right as it is and is the perfect match with its contents for our tea machine. The capsules provide the ideal conditions for all the tea varieties.

We have made sure that the teas within the capsules have room enough so that there is nothing to prevent them being optimally brewed and developing their flavours. The portions have been selected to guarantee that the milder effects of LEGEND OF PAI MU TAN come to the fore just as much as does the more powerful taste of LONDON BREAKFAST. The tea leaves in each capsule are steeped in hot water on the commencement of the brewing process. Even the hand-rolled tea pearls of our  PEARLS OF JASMINE have space enough to fully unfurl during the process, to completely fill the interior of the capsules and thus unlock all the nuances of their flavours.




There is a little tab on the lid of each Avoury TeaCycle Cap to make it easier for you to remove the film lid prior to use. And this also shows you which part of a tea capsule should be on top while making it easier to grip a capsule when inserting it in the machine. The concept as a whole means that nothing can go wrong when preparing a DARK PEACH tea – or any other type of tea for that matter, from black teas to fruit teas.

2. High quality packaging - a place for everything and everything in its place.



It is very important to us that the purity of the tastes of our teas is preserved. So, as far as we are concerned, our loose teas need a suitable form of packaging. The capsule body of the Avoury TeaCycle Caps is made exclusively of premium quality, transparent plastic and thus the contents of each capsule can be clearly seen. Each capsule also comes with a mesh insert and a film lid on top.

These components have various purposes. The lid prevents the loss of flavour and aroma of the teas within the capsules. The protective film lids are also printed with the name of the tea variety. A film lid should only be removed just before a capsule is inserted in the tea machine. Below the lid is the mesh that acts as a tea strainer. A finer or coarser mesh is used depending on the type of tea, the size of the tea leaves and other components present in a capsule.

The plastic complies with food safety standards and can withstand exposure to even boiling water. It is thus assured that the pure flavours of a black tea such as GREAT CEYLON are unadulterated during brewing. Recycled plastic is used for each capsule body and this can again be recycled following the use of a capsule.



3. Intelligent tea capsules that ensure the peak of tea enjoyment. And that cup after cup!

The preparation of a good cup of tea can actually be a very complex business. A charismatic green tea, such as our organic ORIGINAL GENMAICHA, can end up being too bitter or with a flawed flavour if just minor errors are made in terms of temperature or brewing time. By means of the coordinated interplay between tea machine and Avoury tea capsules, we have managed to eliminate factors such as this that can affect preparation. Instead, you’ll always enjoy the perfect cup of tea, and that cup after cup.

The way this works is quite simple. All the relevant information for preparation of the tea in question is stored in encoded form on each Avoury TeaCycle Cap. Thanks to this, when a capsule is inserted, the machine is automatically able to identify what the tea variety in question is - for example, an oolong in the form of MILKY FAVOURITE. The information provided is scanned, the machine settings are adjusted accordingly and the tea is prepared exactly as it should be.

You can also tweak the individual settings for various tea types to suit your personal preferences. The encoded information on each Avoury TeaCycle Cap provides the machine with all the data it needs. Tea drinkers can thus look forward to a tea with an identical quality in terms of flavour each time they brew a particular variety. No problems with taste or temperature variations, no bitterness - your favourite tea brewed with ease to perfection with the help of the Avoury capsules.

4. Tea capsule recycling thanks to Avoury TeaCycle Caps made of recyclate


It has been our ambition, in the form of our Avoury TeaCycle Caps, to match top quality with sustainability. The body of each capsule is made of certified recycled plastic*. To make them, we use the mass balance approach in which recycled raw materials from used plastics are combined with renewable and fossil raw materials. This is made possible due to molecular recycling. In this process, plastics are fully broken down into their individual components and used to create recyclate.

The Avoury TeaCycle Caps can thus be disposed of with other plastic recyclables to make sure that they will be reintroduced into the established circular economy. They are thus retained in the system as an important raw material. New products can then be made from them together with other used plastic materials. In effect, there is nothing to prevent the recycling of the capsules - something for which Mother Nature will be grateful.

We take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously. And because of this, we’ve been working in close partnership with the social recycling organisation Plastic Bank for many years, actively helping to reduce levels of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. So, whether your preference is for green tea, black tea or even herbal tea, you can drink all the varieties in our range with a clear conscience.



*ISCC PLUS – International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (mass balance)

5. Selected tea varieties represent the inner qualities of our capsules

It all depends on what’s inside. With this in mind, we at Avoury strive to ensure that the contents of our tea capsules are prepared as conscientiously and painstakingly as the bodies of the capsules themselves. When selecting a tea variety, we take account of compliance with various standards and of endorsements in the form of certification so that we can be assured of maintaining a consistently high level of quality. Each of our teas has at least one form of certification, be it as organic or it may be Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance certified. There are a number of our tea types that have multiple certifications. Information on the corresponding certification(s) is provided on the packaging.

In our range, you’ll find a wide spectrum of more than 30 tea varieties from across the world. Irrespective of whether it is the Indian STRONG ASSAM, the SUPREME GYOKURO of Japanese origin or the Chinese PEARLS OF JASMINE, we only include tea types in our shop the source, harvesting and preparation of which we ourselves can verify. All our high quality loose teas, cultivated whether from small plantations or from world-famous growing regions, are picked by hand and are certified as complying with stringent sustainability criteria. This has been one of the aspects of our tea philosophy since we were founded.

The Avoury® TeaCycle Cap – the tea capsule that understands tea.

Only tea of the very best quality is allowed into our capsules. And this means we can say with confidence that our Avoury TeaCycle Caps are the perfect tea capsules to complement our Avoury One tea machine. Design, recycling concept and contents all collude to make what determines the ideal capsule. The result is impressive in form and flavour. But you have to try our tea and you have to touch, experience and see our machine for yourself. If you happen to be visiting Germany, just pop into one of our Avoury stores, where we’ll be happy to serve you a free cup of tea of your choice.